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CSS 3, CSS 2, W3.CSS, Bootstrap

Java Script, JQuery, JSON

PHP - server scripting

MySQL - database platform

WordPress platform

Adobe Dreamweaver, Muse, Edge, Sublime Text

Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator


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Website: www.cristinaasan.ro



A few words ABOUT ME


Me and web design, in a few words

Curiosity, the thing that drive us all, that drove humanity to its current state of evolution and technology, it is the thing that also made me, about 10 years ago, to take a look at what web design is. Initially fascinated by the final product and what other could achieve, I started to study what makes a website "tick" and, as time passed and I learned more and more, it became a passion and then a career. I believe that, when you love your work, you leave a little bit of yourself in every project and, on one side, it makes it a more special and better one and, on the other side, I believe people can notice this and appreciate more.

My path, my career

Web design is a field which binds creativity and flexibility with development, technology and logic; on one side you need to make sure that every project is unique, designed for the customers' needs and reflect their concept and motto; the other side involves scripting languages, a bit of programming, database interaction and administration and finally arrangements and animations powered by several techniques.

Web design

In order to strive in such a domain one needs a bit of versatility and also experience, not only in life itself but also in various professions. And so, my own path did not limit itself to web design but also included a bit of photography, a bit of filming and video editing, working in IT and a bit with people.

Starting out as a curiosity and a hobby, web design became my passion and also the "job" that followed me around since I finished high school and ventured into the world. No matter if I had a different job, requiring a completely different set of skills, I was always tinkering with a new page or learning the latest technologies and web capabilities. I liked working on various projects and, in time, I ended up with a variety of webpages all with different looks but also functions to meet the client's expectations.


University “Spiru Haret” - from October 2015
Master's degree - Modern Technologies for Information Systems Engineering

University “Spiru Haret” - October 2012 to July 2015
Bachelor’s degree - Faculty of Journalism and Communication Sciences

Administrative Economic High School “Ion Barbu”
“Technician in financial and commercial activities”


Web design (HTML/CSS/Dreamweaver/FTP)
Absolute School

Absolute School


Web design - unique presentation websites

Web design - functionality

Photoshop graphic

Creating a personalized logo

Coding - HTML 5 & CSS 3 & Java Script & PHP

WordPress platform - Content Management System

Website administration

Social Media - Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.

Web hosting – consulting

Publicity graphics - Flyers, Presentation maps, etc.

SEO - Search engine optimization